Take Your Dragonfly Everywhere

The MSR Dragonfly Stove is one of the most versatile and well-trusted backpacking stoves available. Like every other responsible hiker going into the backcountry, I know that there are a few items of essential gear that necessary for a successful trip. And, other than safety equipment and a high quality water purification system, a reliable stove is critical to survival and enjoyment.

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The Dragonfly reigns supreme in the department of cooking bliss. I have cooked prepackaged freeze-dried meals, instant dehydrated meals, boil-in-bags, and 2 course dinners from scratch on my MSR Dragonfly Stove. I haven't hesitated to whip out my Dragonfly when I simply wanted a quick cup of tea; nor do I hesitate to pack an exotic meal plan on a special hiking trip.

This stove is one piece of gear that I simply refuse to leave behind. Exceedingly easy to assemble and control in the field, it is adaptable to all climates and elevations. With MSR's refillable fuel canisters, the Dragonfly can be used for a quick car camping trip or an extended backpacking expedition.


     Fine control of the flame adjuster allows for a light simmer or a fierce boil.

     The Dragonfly burns a variety of fuels: white gas, kerosene, diesel, unleaded gasoline and jet fuel.

     It can boil 1L of water in 3 and a half minutes!


The Dragonfly is one of MSR's noisiest stoves. That said, the one time that this was a problem for me was up on the Yosemite mountains where I was on high alert for grizzly bears, as I wanted to be able to hear any approaching animals. The MSR Whisperlite stove is a fantastic alternative for situations requiring less noise, but also comes with less cooking precision.



     The refillable MSR fuel canister (not included) always screws on securely and safely to the fuel line assembly.

     MSR's shaker jet technology enables fast and sufficient field care for the burner jets. A quick shake at the end of each cooking session results in unclogged jets for the next meal (don't forget to let it cool first).


     Folding into a small structure able to fit into a 2L pot, the Dragonfly exhibits that lovely cliche of "packing in a big punch into a small package."

     Despite its small folding size, MSR's Dragonfly unfurls itself into a substantial stove that is capable of supporting large pot and pans that can feed up to 4 people.


1.    A heat shield is included that can be placed under the stove to help reflect heat back to the critical cooking area. This can save time and fuel.

2.    The added windscreen folds flat and can easily be stowed in the stove's stuffsack. It effectively protects the Dragonfly from excessive wind.

3.    Also included is a fantastic field repair kit for those rare times that a simple shake doesn't empty the jets. This includes replacement o-rings, and maintenance and CoolFuel tools. All of these goodies, including the stove, fit into the accompanying stuffsack.

I have owned the same Dragonfly stove for nearly 20 years. It has gone with me from coast to coast, from low elevation to extremely high, and from moist bogs to dry desert. Never has it failed to start. Never has it failed to boil. Never will I leave it behind.